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Sean Bovim is an award-winning South African choreographer. Over the past 15 years Bovim has made ballet accessible and entertaining for audiences by creating popular works that have drawn in a new and young market. His body of work thrives because of the dynamic choreography that has become synonymous with his name. His creations have been presented to great acclaim as far afield as the USA, Russia, Denmark, Spain, the Edinburgh Festival and Ireland. Queen at the Ballet played to more than 30,000 people with standing ovations at every performance at the Point Theatre in Dublin. Sean won the Dance Indaba Fringe Award for Choreography in 1995, the National Choreographic Competition in 1999 and his ballet, SwingTime, won a Naledi Award in 2005.

Bovim's vision for his edgy new Company began over seven years ago when he saw the overwhelming response to his hit productions such as SwingTime and Queen at the Ballet. Bovim acknowledges that whilst there will always be a place for classical ballet, it is evident that there is an urgent need for ballet to evolve and move with the times. This has been one of Bovim's motivations to pursue his dream by creating relevant works that are visually stunning with tremendous audience appeal. His high impact productions include a sexiness that has re-defined ballet and taken the art form to a new level.  

Sean enjoys pushing the boundaries choreographically and Bovim Ballet enables him to create works that incorporate a broad range of dance styles such as, contemporary, jazz and even African dance without losing the basic principles of ballet technique. This is ballet with a twist and audiences walk away from a Bovim Ballet enthralled, entertained and uplifted.

Bovim has created works for companies such as the State Theatre Dance Company, Bridgette Reeve Dance Company, Cape Dance Company, the South African Ballet Theatre and Cape Town City Ballet.

Sean will continue with his fusion of fashion and dance through his collaboration with international designers such as Klûk CGDT, Craig Port, Ian West and Gavin Rajah. Bovim's carefully selected music, masterful lighting and exquisite costuming combined with clever and entertaining choreography, results in productions that are a feast for the eyes and never fail to impress audiences of all ages.

'My work continues to be a reflection of my interpretation of ballet – what it meant to me during my years as a dancer – always athletic, always challenging, always evolving. If I can entertain those who would never have chosen to see ballet and at the same time excite other audience members who have an appreciation of the degree of difficulty that ballet technique demands, then I'm happy! I hope to continue pushing choreographic boundaries, while still maintaining a product that is broadly appealing to my audience on many different levels.'